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I think that Holden is very consistant with his actions. I think he is a fully developed character even though he complains constantly. Through the language he uses and the way he reacts to things makes him a very devolped character.


I don’t really believe that Holden is a reliable character. He complains a lot and really only tells how he’s feeling an why he did his actions. Even though it is in first person and that’s all that we are supposed to know, I really do not believe him as a character.

What was life like in 1949?

In 1949 life was much different from our life today. One example is that the minimum wage in 1949 was $.43 compared to ours at $7.25. Antartica was discovered as a continent in the 1940’s! How cool is that?!  Other major things that happened were The Cold War, the end of World War 2, and blacks being allowed the right to vote. Woot!

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